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Kirkus : An Interview with Christina Chiu

I sit with my laptop by the living room window. It’s quiet. Outside, the moonless sky looks like an empty black screen. The New Jersey side of the Hudson is lit up, the river between us like black obsidian...  Read More >


It’s 6:45 AM, Tuesday, mid-May, 2021. My phone alarm won’t sound for another hour, but the sun is up and now so am I. On the wall facing my bed is a painting of woman napping on a large pink sofa. I’m in my Manhattan apartment. So is my younger son, Tyler, who’s ten. Since COVID, however, my husband and older son are staying out in Long Island...  Read More >


Kirkus Profiles
"An Interview with Christina Chiu"

After the 2001 publication of her first book, the short story collection Troublemaker and Other Saints, author Christina Chiu...  Read More >


Authority Magazine "Living the Life You Want"

‘Beauty’ Author Christina Chiu: Live the life you want, and if you aren’t, do the inner work it takes to change; Never believe anyone who says, “That’s just the way it is”...  Read More >


Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

An interesting interview with literary blogger Deborah Kalb.... Read More >

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Medium "Designing a life over decades: Christina Chiu’s novel Beauty"

Read Medium's interview with Christina, where Lois Lane questions the author about shoes, Gen X, and her new book....  Read More >


The Rumpus"Karmic Moments: A Conversation With Christina Chiu"

Read the extensive interview by Addie Tsai for The Rumpus on Christina and her new book, Beauty, and how it came to be....  Read More >


Zibby Owens Instagram Live: Zibby Owens & Christina Chiu in Conversation

Watch or listen as Zibby Owens and Christina talk about Beauty and shoes in this short video of outtakes from Zibby's Instagram Live interview.....  Read More >

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Twitter: Alia Volz hosts a #BookChatParty with Christina Chiu as guest

Read along with Twitter thread hosted by Alia Volz (@aliavolz) where people tweeted questions at Christina and wisdom is shared through the Twitter literary community......  Read More >

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Reading & Conversation with Christina Chiu & Maisy Card

Christina Chiu is the grand-prize winner of the James Alan McPherson Award for her novel, Beauty. She is also author of Troublemaker and Other Saints, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons. Troublemaker was alternate selection for BOMC and QPB, a nominee for a BOMC First Fiction Award, and winner of the Asian American Literary Award.  Read More >

Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interviews

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